Magic Leap Apps

Magic Leap Gaming Magic Leap Gaming
Dr. Grordbort's Invaders on the Magic Leap One.
Magic Leap Create Magic Leap Create
Create on the Magic Leap One.

Free Apps

  • AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab
    • Transform your environment into an interactive audiovisual soundscape. Capture, touch and shape sound like never before with the Augmented Audio Lab.
  • Abductor
    • A Developer sample of World Reconstruction with a UFO that travels over the World Mesh and collects "Spacekitties" spawned in your space.

  • Angry Birds FPS
    • The Angry Birds world comes to life in an immersive mixed reality take on the classic slingshot game.
  • B-all One
    • It's all about the ball – the perfect shape in the Universe. What could you do with it? Grab a racket and bounce it off the walls for a start!

  • Cheddar
    • A unique and live approach to news in technology, media and entertainment broadcast daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Clocks
    • Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Time keeps running, but it is easy to keep track of it with our stylish collection of clocks.

  • Create
    • Colorful characters, art and physics combine to bring a dynamic new landscape to life in your room.
    • DIRECTV NOW BETA, is your NEW standalone streaming service for Live TV and On Demand entertainment.
  • DottyMesh
    • DottyMesh lets a user scan a room(s) and save the results to the cloud in textured OBJ format. This can be downloaded for use in CAD packages.
  • Dr. Grordbort's Invaders
    • Grab your raygun and defend your home from hordes of evil robots. Join Stephen Fry and Rhys Darby in this action packed, mixed-reality shoot-em-up.
  • Gallery
    • Collection of images, models, and videos to be placed virtually into free space.
  • Helio
    • Helio enables 3D objects to be pulled out of websites and into the physical world, transforming passive web browsing.

  • Madefire MR
    • Experience comics and graphic novels as never before with Madefire — the first comics platform engineered for Magic Leap.
  • RelayCars
    • Welcome to RelayCars®! Step in to take your next vehicle for a spin as part of your research and shopping experience!
  • Screens
    • A hub for third party media content to be displayed in free space with Magic Leap.

  • NBA (Screens)
    • Watch live NBA League Pass games, on-demand video and playw ith AMAZING 3D features and stat comparison tools.
  • CNN (Screens)
    • CNN on Magic Leap gives you the power to dig deeper into topics you care about through a robust Live TV and video experience in mixed reality.
  • Wallpapers (Screens)
    • Collection of videos.
  • Whales (Screens)
    • Collection of videos of whales.
  • Lowe's Showroom
    • Lowe's Showroom helps you find the perfect bathroom vanity that fits your style and your home.

  • Social
    • Share experiences, follow your friends and join other creators to explore this new frontier together.

  • Star Wars: Project Porg
    • Bring home the adorable creatures from Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Star Wars: Project.
  • Tónandi
    • Tónandi, which translates to sound spirit in Icelandic, is an interactive audio-visual exploration of the sounds and spirits of Sigur Ró.
  • User Guide
    • Interactive guide to functions and shortcuts to manipulate different aspects of the Magic Leap experience.
  • Wayfair Spaces
    • Find your inspiration by experimenting from a palette of room designs curated by Wayfair stylists - a unique interior design and planning experience.
  • World
    • Market for Magic Leap applications and concepts.

Paid Apps

  • Luna Moondust Garden [$4.99]
    • Plant and interact with a musical landscape. Follow the story of Owl, Moon, Bird's efforts to rebuild Fox's garden.

  • Seedling [$9.99]
    • A galactic ecosystem has been destroyed. In this new IP by Insomniac Games, players will heal a dying galaxy with the help of a mysterious Cadet Kit.
  • Spatiate [$9.99]
    • Shape your reality with Spatiate, a collaborative art creation experience that exists in your world.
  • Wonder X [$12.99]
    • Wonder X is a mixed reality action adventure game featuring Wonder; a mysterious girl who needs your help finding legendary artifacts that are concealed within her enchanting world.



  • Astronaut
    • An experiment to show high fidelity graphics on the Magic Leap One.
  • Elephant
    • An experiment to show high fidelity graphics on the Magic Leap One.
  • GOT: The Dead Must Die
    • Winter is coming... to your living room. Have your own face-off with a White Walker in HBO's Magic Leap Encounter.
  • Magic Rain
    • Enter the Magicverse with this themed room and surface visualizer.
  • Magic Kit - Drive
    • Use the Control to drive a car or fly a plane or helicopter around your room!
  • Whales
    • An experiment to showcase an offline visual effects simulation on the Magic Leap One.