Unity Collaboration

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The University of Miami's Innovate team is thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Unity gaming software.

The University of Miami's collaboration with Unity means providing our students and faculty the opportunity to leverage the latest advancements in XR developments for purposes of teaching and research. By leveraging Unity's technology and our dedicated faculty's experience, we aim to enhance learning through meaningful and useful experiences with XR technology.

The University of Miami has always looked towards the future of the industry, and the field of XR is no different. Using Unity's XR development platform, we seek to give our Canes the upper-hand in an ever-changing technology immersed industry.

Significance of Collaborative Endeavor

  • According to Burning Glass, industry demand for these skills has grown 601% faster than the market overall and the skills are critically important components of the Industry 4.0 revolution.
  • In the UMIT XR Garage, a team of 15 students and professional staff collaborate, supporting faculty's research and teaching with XR visualizations, human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies, and machine-learning capabilities.
  • Since the inception of the program, the UMIT XR Garage has developed 20 UM projects, obtained four grants, and trained 30 students in Unity, with some spring-boarding to full-time jobs as Unity developers.

"Instructors get the support and training they need to enhance classroom education; students acquire new, in-demand skills that mean greater employment opportunities; and collaborating with Unity advances our vision to be leaders in immersive media and technology."

-Max Cacchione, Director of UMIT Innovate