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ARchitech: A Virtual Design Experience For Architects

May 27, 2020

Architech is a Magic Leap app that allows students and faculty to create floor plans and receive furniture purchase recommendations from commercial partners.

timothy snipes, motw

Meet The "Member of the Week": Timothy Snipes!

May 27, 2020

Meet Timothy Snipes, one of our core programmers on the UMIT Innovate Team. He is a Graduate Student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Tim's interests include VR/XR, Big Data, and Cyber Security. Tim is currently working on making Vectors in Space a multiplayer experience!

5G Image Recognition Can Process Images!

May 21, 2020

This is a Magic Leap app that uses a Edge-based 5G connected server to process image recognition data with a neural network algorithm.


Meet The "Member of the Week": Lenny Martinez!

May 19, 2020

Meet Lenny Martinez, one of our core programmers on the Innovate Team. Lenny is an MIT graduate, who works as a lecturer in the School of Communications. He has taken part in programming DICOM Visualizer, which helps neurosurgeons to view MRI and CAT scans!


DICOM Visualization Gives The Ability To View MRI and CAT Scans

May 18, 2020

DICOM Visualization is a Magic Leap app that enables neurosurgeons to visualize MRI and CAT scans for purposes of patient education.

airway fire

Airway Fire: The Missing Tool For Nursing Students

May 14, 2020

Airway Fire is a Magic Leap application that allows students and faculty the ability to visualize combustion when dealing with intubated patients who are receiving high levels of oxygen.

renegade dr

The Renegade Doctor Meets Patient Incivility!

May 13, 2020

Patient Incivility is a Magic Leap application that give students and faculty the opportunity to identify incivility by navigating a variety of patient bedside scenarios.

alejandro, member of the week

Meet The "Member of the Week": Alejandro Hernandez!

May 12, 2020

Meet Alejandro Hernandez, one of our graduating seniors! Alejandro worked on making Vectors in Space a multiplayer experience at the XR Garage, and got a job as a VR Programmer the day after his graduation. Congratulations Alejandro on all your accomplishments!

vectors in space, poster

Vectors In Space Will Become A Multiplayer Experience

May 11, 2020

We are now working on turning Vectors in Space into a shared experience on the same network using Magic Leap's transmission tool kit, and then over the internet, between any two players worldwide!

Diana Arboleda Talks About Her Experience With XR Garage 

May 6, 2020

Diana Arboleda speaking of her collaboration with XR Garage, and her experience with the Innovate Team. Diana is one of our faculty members who authored Vectors in Space.

aaron geldert, member of the week

Meet The "Member of the Week": Aaron Geldert!

May 5, 2020

Meet Aaron Geldert, one of our graduating seniors! He was a core programmer for the Innovate team and one of the co-creators of Vectors in Space. Congratulations Aaron!

Introducing Cane Central, a Magic Leap VR App That Shows How To Use The New Advising Building At UM! 

May 4, 2020

Cane Central is a Magic Leap XR app that guide faculty, staff, and students to familiarize themselves with the new building. The app is designed to give a step-by-step interactive virtual tutorial.

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Meet The "Member of the Week": Andrew Gonzalez!

April 28, 2020

Meet Andrew Gonzalez, one of our core programmers on the Innovate Team. Andrew is currently working on DICOM Visualizer, which is a Magic Leap XR app for visualizing CT and MRI scans.


Airway Fire And The Use Of Magic Leap's Transmission Tool Kit 

April 22, 2020

Airway Fire is a Magic Leap app created to simulate OR emergencies when dealing with intubated patients who are receiving high concentrations of oxygen. This virtual reality application allows faculty to play out scenarios to teach and train students on how to manage airway fires. The app uses Magic Leap's Transmission tool kit so the experience may be shared between students and instructors.


DICOM Visualization: The Future of Medicine

April 20, 2020

DICOM Visualizer is a Magic Leap app that allows doctors to view CAT and MRI scans as 3D models.


ID Funding School/College Proposal Title P.I. Title
ML10 Provost College of Arts & Sciences Mixed Reality Visualization of Aortic Aneurysm Diagnosis Results Liang Liang Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
ML13 CAS College of Arts & Sciences Voices of Mariel Mark Osterman Digital Experience Manager
ML14 CTSA Miller School of Medicine The Peri-Operational Experience (POE) Lee Kaplan Chief, UHealth Sports Medicine, Petra and Stephen Levin Endowed Chair in Sports Medicine, Medical Director and Head Team Physician / Miami Hurricanes and Miami Marlins
ML15 Provost College of Engineering Revealing the Anatomy of Engineering Structures Using Augmented Reality James Giancaspro Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
ML18 Provost College of Arts & Sciences South Florida Mixed Reality Field Trips Arthur Gleason Associate Scientist, Physics
ML19 Provost Miller School of Medicine Using MR Technology to Aid Emergency Response Training Walter Lamar Director – Environment of Care Compliance
ML26 CTSA Miller School of Medicine Wearable heads-up display based mixed-reality system for interactive image-guided neurosurgical training and surgical procedures Michael Ivan Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery
ML27 Provost College of Engineering A Framework for Enhancing Augmented Reality Using Mobile Edge Computing Hammam Alsafrjalani Assistant Professor in Practice, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
ML28 Provost Library Tiling the Magicverse Timothy Norris Librarian Associate Professor
ML3 Provost Miller School of Medicine Mixed Reality + UM PACS System: Modernization of Doctor-Patient Interaction. Timur Urakov Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Department of Neurological Surgery
ML32 Sylvester College of Arts & Sciences Using Augmented Reality (AR) to promote agency, self-efficacy, positive affect, and social connection in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Aaron Heller Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
ML33 Provost College of Engineering Mixed Reality to Teach Employment Skills for Individuals with ASD Hammam Alsafrjalani Assistant Professor in Practice, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
ML38 CTSA Miller School of Medicine Learning to manage child tantrums using MR: An innovative tool to teach evidence-based behavior management strategies Angela Blizzard Manager Social Services
ML41 Provost School of Architecture Wikipedia-AR Rodolphe el-Khoury Dean
ML46 Provost College of Arts & Sciences Intuitive Interface for Human Robot Interaction Victor Milenkovic Professor, Department of Computer Science
ML47 Provost Miller School of Medicine Volumetric radiologic data viewer Harsh Shah Radiology resident
ML5 Sylvester Miller School of Medicine GI Endoscopy in Mixed Reality Amar Deshpande Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology
ML56 Sylvester Miller School of Medicine Translation of patient CT scan data into 3D augmented and mixed reality models Gerd Pust Associate Professor of Surgery. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realty Laboratory – UVAM DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery
ML57 Provost Frost School of Music Mixed reality performance of the composition for flute and piano entitled “Wish” Jeffrey Buchman Assistant Professor
ML59 CAS College of Arts & Sciences ARtXP: Experiencing Historic Architecture with Magic Leap Karen Mathews Associate Professor of Art History
ML60 Provost School of Education and Human Development Modelling Athletic Injuries with Magic Leap Magda Aldousany Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences
ML7 Provost College of Engineering Machines of Loving Grace – A Magic Leap Trans-Experiential Art Installation Diana Arboleda Lecturer, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
ML70 Sylvester Miller School of Medicine Magnification and Road mapping in Fused Mixed‐reality Space for Imageguided Procedures Shivank Bhatia Chair of Interventional Radiology
ML8 Provost School of Nursing and Health Professionals Mixed reality simulated “Escape OR” for teaching in anesthesia Greta M Vladinov Associate Program Director Nurse Anesthesia Program, Assistant Professor of Clinical

Provost Office Publishes Magic Leap RFP Awards

Feb 3, 2020

The Office of the Provost has published the list of Magic Leap RFP winners. Congratulations to the faculty members who are driving innovation at the U!


Innovate Team Wins "Most Outstanding Team" Award

December 19, 2019

At the yearly Information Technology Excellence Awards, the Innovate team received the prestigious "Most Outstanding Team" award for its work pushing the boundaries of augmented and virtual reality to benefit the University of Miami community. Student developers Jiahao Zhou, Jinqi Li, Rachel De Paz, Robert Silverberg, and Komal Sharma were there to accept the award with Max Cacchione. 

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz Meets with President

December 4, 2019

The CEO of Magic Leap joined UM leaders at the Magic Leap Leadership Forum. The UMIT Innovate Team, the Center for Computational Science and the School of Architecture delivered their demos to the Magic Leap team meeting, and in return got to experience the software developed by other Magic Leap creators. Max Cacchione, Director of Innovation, fought with Rony Abovitz, the CEO of Magic Leap, with virtual light sabers while playing AR Duel, an app created by Rachel De Paz and Robert Silverberg from the Innovate Team.

Innovate Team Tour The Lab In The Technology Department

December 5, 2019

The Innovate Team, led by CIC staff, visited the nano-fabrication lab at Converge Miami. Dust-proof clothing mandatory!

Airway Fire Team Present At The Faculty Showcase

October 17, 2019

Dr. Juan Gonzalez and Dr. Greta Vladinov, presented their Airway Fire project at the Fall 2019 Faculty Showcase, an event organized by UMIT's Academic Technologies department.

Team Building Activity with CaneLink Team

October 2, 2019

The XR Garage welcomed the UMIT CaneLink team for a project showcase. The team were able to try out live demos of student-produced apps and other apps like Create, Undersea, and Angry Birds. We would like to thank the Canelink team for their visit and participation in this activity!

Enter the Magicverse

September 25, 2019

The Innovate team was invited to the UM district learning center to "Enter the Magicverse" and present the work done so far, related to AR opportunities in the classroom. Student-built mixed reality apps, including a NSF grant project, were presented and faculty had the opportunity for some "Enter the Magicverse" hands-on demos.


Launching the Innovate Website

September 16, 2019

After months of hard work, the Innovate team released its website. Team members Luis Armani Rodriguez, Jiahao Zhou, and Rachel De Paz worked diligently to complete the website to fulfill student needs. The site contains updates on projects from the UMXR team, as well as helpful device tutorials and user guides.

President's Welcome Features The U Experience

August 17, 2019

The University of Miami welcomed the Class of 2023 at the Watsco Center in the annual President's Welcome. In addition to enjoying the usual festivities, incoming freshmen got to try The U Experience, an augmented reality app that allows users to travel through campus. The U Experience is now available for demos at the Richter Library by appointment. Click here to learn more about The U Experience

IT Leadership Showcase

June 30, 2019

The XR Garage welcomed the UMIT Leadership team and colleagues for a project showcase. The team saw a live demo of the Airway Fire project with the help of the UM School of Nursing and Health Studies. We would like to thank UMIT and the School of Nursing for their continued support. View all of our projects here.

Developing 3D Campus Map with the Center for Computational Sciences

July 26, 2019

The Center for Computational Science, in partnership with the School of Communication and the UMXR Innovate team, spearheaded the production of the "U Experience" 3D Campus Map. This Magic Leap application resulted from a cloud of points of the UM campus obtained with drones and light detection and ranging (LIDAR). It is destined to be featured in President Frenk's welcome event for new students.

"Girls Who Code" Summer Camp Students Visit XR Garage

July 16, 2019

High schoolers participating in the Girls Who Code summer program with Ernest & Young took a trip to the XR Garage to learn more about Magic Leap, augmented reality, and opportunities available at the University of Miami for girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Some students were also able to test out Vectors in Space and provide their feedback on the developing application.

UMXR Innovate Team Tests the Looking Glass and Leap Motion

July 2019

Harrison Mount and Jaron Zhou unboxed and tested the HoloPlay Looking Glass and Leap Motion, which will be used by the UMXR Innovate team to rapidly prototype and share 3D experiences. The Looking Glass is a holographic display, while the Leap Motion is an additional device that accurately tracks hands and uses them as an input source for Looking Glass experiences.

A Day in the Creative Studio

June 2019

The UMXR Innovate team explored the Creative Studio at the University of Miami's Richter Library. Among the platforms tried were the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. The brief experience served to help the team better understand basic design principles for virtual reality that could be applied to their mixed reality applications.

UMXR at the Miami VR Expo 2019

June 7, 2019
The UMXR Innovation team attended the annual Miami VR Expo, which was hosted in the Magic City Innovation District. The team attended panels, and tested demonstration apps for SamsungVR, AndroidVR, and the HTC Vive, among others. This experience allowed the team to become more knowledgeable about local VR/AR startups, as well as what market trends are up and coming.

Magic Leap Workshop Hosted at the College of Engineering

June 4, 2019

Kojo Opuni, a former interactive visual designer and prototyper at Magic Leap, taught a Magic Leap at the College of Engineering to UM faculty and students. Attendees were taught how to set up a development environment, cast to a device, and stream content being played on the device. View our Magic Leap resources here.