AR City

Building AR City is a cutting edge application that will be able to translate the GIS zoning data for the City of Miami Zoning Code into an on-site XR environment.

The main objective of this project is to transform the conventional representation of zoning data into a visual depiction that is more familiar to architects.

  • The team will retrieve the zoning data from the available GIS online database, build the 3D shapes based on the obtained dimensions, and place them accordingly in the environment using the Unity platform.
  • App users will be able to observe through the Magic Leap devices a three-dimensional description of a zoning code that visually depicts the form of a building, its setbacks, and height.

The application will enhance the classroom experience for the Urban Design and Architecture students and transform the way people learn and exchange information.

Above: Juan Alayo conducts a demo of Building AR City

Student Milena Pak, Samantha Kamath, Samuel Garry
Faculty Juan Alayo
College School of Architecture