AR Ultrasound Streaming

The AR Ultrasound Streaming project seeks to mirror cast the real-time patient ultrasound scanning imaging with the Magic Leap Virtual Reality (VR) headset to create a more intuitive viewing experience.

  • Connects to the Mindray Ultrasound machine via direct or indirect means to display the real time ultrasound image on the Magic Leap Virtual Reality VR headset.
  • Allows simultaneous dual viewing of the real time ultrasound image and the patient’s anatomy via the headset.
  • Allows video capture of both feeds being viewed.

Benefits: The mirror cast of the ultrasound image to the VR headset would provide a real-time view of the ultrasound image in the same visual plane as the procedural (needle) orientation and eliminate the need to optimize the ultrasound placement making for a more seamless experience.


Students Berk Basarer
Faculty Shayne Hauglum
College School of Nursing and Allied Health Studies