At UM, Innovation involves faculty and students collaborating to expand the University's repository of knowledge in the areas of health, teaching, and research. Here are some of the projects initiated by faculty and students in the XR Garage, as well as some of the projects launched by other departments which we support.
A Magic Leap app to simulate an airway fire in the operating room.
A Magic Leap app to create a floorplan of your home from a user-guided scan.

A desktop app to view and analyze a patient's biomechanical movements.

A Magic Leap app to visualize vectors.

A Magic Leap app to visualize a printed circuit board.
A Magic Leap app to create augmented reality experiences.

Medical Visualization is an app enabling the projection of 3D virtual organs into cadavers and that patient simulators.
A mixed reality application which demostrates static forces acting on objects.

A Magic Leap app to demostrate uncivil behaviour in the healthcare environment.

Image recognition with Magic Leap using 5G capabilities for improved performance.

A mixed reality application which demonstrates static forces acting on objects.
A component of the DICOM Visualizer that converts images into viewable headset models.

A Magic Leap XR app that guide faculty, staff, and students to familiarize themselves with the new building.
Mirror casts the real-time patient ultrasound scanning imaging with the Magic Leap Virtual Reality (VR) headset to create a more intuitive viewing experience.

A cutting edge application that will be able to translate the GIS zoning data for the City of Miami Zoning Code into an on-site XR environment.

A cutting edge project that analyzes the environments of unique galaxies called "green peas."

An app that allows students to visualize moments as pressure is applied to a staircase.
Provides an organizational, easy-to-use structure for users to record multiple songs over time.

Develops a solution for different crisis scenarios that might develop when an individual is intubated.
A revolutionary application blending AR and AI to aid a neurosurgeon to visualize tumor boundaries in a preoperative setting.

A Magic Leap app to teach parents and guardians how to care for their asthmatic children.