Mixed Reality Biomechanist

Mixed Reality Biomechanist (MRB) is an app that allows you to visualize a person's kinematics as a dynamic overlay. This desktop app can be highly beneficial as a tool used by healthcare professionals and students alike.

  • Clinical Tool: complete mobile movement assessment tool easily used in clinic and office settings by healthcare professionals, such as physicians and therapists, who might lack the technical skills needed to use and/or operate a more sophisticated 3D motion capture system.

  • Pedagogical Tool: valuable tool for classrooms to teach students essential concepts of the mechanics of the human body, specifically joints' as well as osteo- and arthro-kinematics. 
  • Research Topic: app subject of multiple research projects that will be focused mainly on validating the app against the gold-standard motion capture system (Vicon) to investigate the possibility of introducing this tool as a valid clinical movement assessment tool.



Shing Cheng, Prajwal Devokta, and Harisson Mount

Faculty Moataz Eltoukhy
College School of Kinesiology and Human Development