Porch Exhibit

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The Porch Exhibit project creates an easy to use template that allows architecture students to create augmented reality experiences without needing in-depth technical background knowledge

  • Problem Statement: Students in the School of Architecture would like to create augmented reality experiences at their exhibitions, but creating these experiences requires understanding of Magic Leap's SDK, Unity, and scripting.

  • Porch Exhibit is a template created for the University of Miami's School of Architecture. The purpose of the app is to allow architecture students to easily display their models on a Magic Leap headset.

The app also includes the functionality to add buttons to the models which will: play audio, display text, or display images based on the button. This app will help architecture students show off their designs at exhibitions by using the possibilities of augmented reality.

Student Shing Cheng
Faculty Germane Barnes and Gemma Henderson
College School of Architecture