Tumornet 1 Tumornet 1
The aim of this application is help the neurosurgeon during the surgery with holographic representations.


TUMOR-NET is an intraoperative modality that is accurate and streamlines workflow to address tumors.

Data suggests that neurosurgeons are currently forced to use their imagination to mentally fuse and display data in order to accurately plan and safely perform neurosurgery with precision. A radiograph needs to be taken of the thoracic, lumbar and cervical spine, which is impossible to get on just one image. There is always an area of overlap, which can make the scans extraordinarily difficult to read. TUMOR-NET was developed to enable superior visualization of brain imaging using cutting-edge technology and programming.

The development of this technology greatly contributes to the field of neurosurgery, as it enhances surgical techniques and ultimately saves lives. It aims to prompt a decrease in cancer recurrence as well.

Staff and Students Berk Basarer and Adam McMahon
Faculty Dr. Michael Ivan
College UHealth