Universal Loader

The Universal Loader aims to convert slices of the DICOM Visualizer into viewable models in the MagicLeap headset. It is an innovative software that aims to make certain files more compatible with the MagicLeap headset through conversions of images on the cloud.

Basic Functions

  • This software uses a piece of software that enables MagicLeap users can drag and drop files to be viewed on the headset, where those files can be converted to be made more compatible with MagicLeap software
  • The Universal Loader program takes images uploaded from DICOM and stitches them together to create a unified model
  • The software creates a virtual room where the user can place a number of models in a specific space, as well as interact with all of the models
  • The Universal Loader project has similar features as the DICOM Visualizer in terms of spatial projection of models, and can be used across multiple disciplines and settings
  • The program is compatible with 3D model files