App Development

Does your research involve virtual reality and/or augmented reality?  Do you have an idea for an app?  We build apps on Android, IOS, Magic Leap, Hololens & Oculus.


The Innovate Team can help you at any stage of the process, from idea to final product.  Our process is as follows:

  1. Scoping - we help you clearly define the extent of your project, the deliverables, cost, and timeline
  2. Storyboarding - we produce storyboards so you may see what the app will look like before it's built
  3. Software development - we built it!  
  4. Periodic Product Reviews - we review deliverables with you based on an established timeline
  5. QA - We ensure the application is free of bugs
  6. Publishing - We help you publish the app if you so desire



What is the Innovate Team?

We are a combination of experienced staff under the UM IT department, and students who learned to program in the languages required for developing apps dedicated to teaching, research and healthcare.

How do you work?

Our project managers are Scrum and Agile certified.  
These two proven methodologies:
  • Provide a collaborative team mindset
  • Value the production of software over documentation
  • Provide a quick turnaround and afford flexibility
Read more on Agile here.

What's included in the starter package?

  • VR/AR programmer: this person will program the application
  • UI/UX Specialist: this specialist will produce your storyboards
  • Project Manager: This manager will produce the scope document, timeline, and manage the software development lifecycle, as well as the daily scrum meetings
  • QA Specialist: this person's role is to ensure that your app is bug-free

How can we get in touch with you?

Our email address is
You can also visit us in the Innovate XR Garage at 502 McCarthur Building, on the UM Coral Gables Campus.