The Innovate team's Apprenticeship Program is open to all college students interested in innovative projects and research, and creates opportunities for such students to engage with and develop such projects alongside the team.

25 students trained, 15 projects and counting!

Benefits of joining the program:

  • A college-friendly learning environment for your first job
  • Opportunity to be surrounded by fellow students in the same position, as well as professionals in the field
  • Exploration and use of cutting-edge technology
  • Flexible schedule that is catered to the college experience
  • Access to different grants, licenses and opportunities with MagicLeap and Unity, as well as different Innovate partners

What it involves:

  • Internship with potential to turn into a paid student employee position
  • Receive training in Agile methodology for software development
  • Rapid prototype building
  • Learning how to develop software as a team
  • Shadow team members to learn how to program