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Past Events

Innovate Team Presentation at CIC

The Innovate Team spoke at several panels at the Miami XR ArtTech Conference during Art Basel Miami. Airway Fire, ARchitech, and Vectors in Space were all shown off to XR influencers and community change-makers with the aim to show off the Innovate Team's development progress. 


Innovate Team Presents Student Project at Senior Design Class

The Innovate Team presented the XR projects currently developed in the XR Garage and explained mixed reality modalities, to inform students and faculty on how they can interact with virtual content.


Raycasting Presentation

Rachel De Paz lead a presentation on how to raycast from a Magic Leap controller using Unity and C#. Raycasting involves superimposing a beam on top of the controller in the z-direction so that the user knows the controller's tracked position.


Dev-Ops Presentation

Prajwal Devkota taught the mixed reality student team how to integrate Github into their Unity projects as source control. Source control is essential in software development when working in teams.


Innovate Team Presents FPL Captsone Project at Senior Design Class

The Innovate team presented to Dr. Scordelis's class regarding a project opportunity with FPL for augmenting the Smartgrid with virtual reality. This activity will be a capstone project for this senior design class. This is a unique opportunity for students to hone their skills while performing industry engineering work that will be utilized at FPL control centers and on the field by technicians.


Innovate Team Presents at Active Learning Initiative Luncheon

The Innovate team was invited to Engineering's "Active Learning Initiative" to present the work done so far, related to AR opportunities in the classroom. Student-built mixed reality apps, including a NSF grant project, were presented and faculty had the opportunity for some "active learning" hands-on demos.