AR Stairs

AR Stairs photo AR Stairs photo
Junior Mert Okyay testing the AR Stairs app on MagicLeap software.
AR Stairs photo AR Stairs photo
AR Stairs photo AR Stairs photo
The AR Stairs Project offers an innovative approach to understanding the way pressure is applied to a staircase while climbing.

The purpose of this project is for students in the School of Engineering to have the ability to visualize what their individual effect on the stairs is. Developed with MagicLeap as its platform, the app offers a real-time modeling of the person applying pressure to the stairs. It offers an interesting distribution of moments depending on how many people are on the stairs.

This project is one of the first apps developed by Innovate that combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence for an educational purpose, and is very useful to students as it allows them to visualize what they are studying in class, creating a more immersive learning experience. Students will calculate things for simple systems by learning equations in class, and in return, experience calculations and how they happen in the real world. The equations have been computed and implemented into the headset to make this possible.

AR Stairs Demo

Student Mert Okyay
Faculty James Giancaspro, Diana Arboleda
College School of Engineering