Song Sketch

Song Sketch Home Page Song Sketch Home Page
The Song Sketch home page.
Song Sketch Song Library Song Sketch Song Library
The song library allows for the user to record a variety of songs.
Song Sketch Recording Interface Song Sketch Recording Interface
The recording feature of the app.
Song Sketch Song Library Song Sketch Song Library
The user will have the option to record multiple songs, all organized within the app.
The Song Sketch app provides users an organizational structure tailored for the development of songs over time.


There are many other recorder apps available on the app store, however none of them offer UX/UI specifically focused on allowing its users to organically develop original songs one idea at a time till they have a complete and fully realized song that is ready for studio recording. In the home screen, the app is organized by song, and inside each song are spaces for the user to record different sections/ideas for the song. As time progresses, the user can record new takes of the sections as they evolve, without deleting the older versions. The user can also move the different sections around to change the organization of the song, and they can edit the individual recordings to their liking.

Essential Functions

  • Record a song's section with or without a metronome
  • Record on top of a section to create a new version of that section
  • Be able to swipe through all the versions of each section over time
  • Be able to move the different sections of the song around within the song
  • Add notes to each version of a section
  • Edit the name of the song and each section accordingly

Student Sam Garry
Faculty Christopher Bennett
College Frost School of Music